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3_Evaluierung Kopie


  • Do you need an evaluator to conduct an evaluation for you?
  • Do you want to learn how to manage an evaluation more efficiently?
  • Do you know why the re-construction of a project or programme model or the intervention-logic is crucial for your evaluation?
  • Do you develop Terms of Reference soon or do you assess them from partner organisations?
  • Have you already contracted an evaluation and need to assess the inception report, draft report or final report?
  • Have you received an evaluation report which seems too comprehensive for your presentation or discussion?
  • Do you have several evaluation reports and you want to know more about their quality and utilization?
  • Does your partner organisation need support in the preparatory or implementation phase of an evaluation?
  • Do you plan an evaluation in particular of your training and continued training events?

I offer to

 Conduct an evaluation for you. This will inform you about the success of your interventions and the extent to which people and/or institutions have already benefitted.

 Support you in managing an evaluation as efficiently as possible. I advise you in different phases of an evaluation or in the entire evaluation process. I can:

  • – clarify the purpose of your evaluation
  • – develop an evaluation plan or concept
  • – develop Terms of Reference and coordinate them with others
  • – re-construct the programme-/intervention logic
  • – assess the inception report
  • – conduct quality control regarding the draft or final evaluation report
  • – initiate and guide the management response process

 Facilitate the re-construction of a project or programme intervention logic. This will help relevant stakeholders to better understand the interventions and assumptions.

 Advise your partner organization in the preparatory and/or implementation phase of the evaluation. This will also strengthen the evaluation capacity of the organization in a sustainable manner.

 Summarize comprehensive evaluation reports into a synthesis-evaluation, short-report or fact sheet, so that you can better communicate results and changes.

 Conduct a meta evaluation which will inform you about the quality and utilization of evaluations. The analysis will help you to improve the quality of your evaluations in future and identify measures for evaluation capacity building.

 Organize and implement evaluations for training measures. This will tell you how satisfied participants are with the training. In a more comprehensive approach you can also learn how much the new knowledge was utilized.

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