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2_Monitoring Kopie


  • Do your projects and programmes have monitoring and/or evaluation plans? If so, how much are they used in practice?
  • If there are no monitoring and evaluation plans yet, have you thought how you get the required data and information in order to communicate your results?
  • Do you visit your projects and programmes regularly? Do you get a lot of data and information during these visits? How well is this information compiled, analyzed and also used in your institution/organization?
  • Does your partner organization need support in monitoring?

I offer to

Analyze your monitoring and evaluation plans and update them, if necessary or to develop new ones. Consequently, your indicators will be more meaningful and it will be easier for you to collect, analyze, interpret and communicate data.

 Compile and analyze existing documents, reports, studies, etc. so that all your information sources will be used to their full potentials, no information will „be lost“.

 To visit projects and programmes, so that you have an additional and external assessment available.

 To support your partner organization in regards to monitoring.

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