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Analysis and Assessments

  • Do you want to know if your programmes or interventions have influenced or changed anything? An impact analysis can offer you this information.
  • Do you only have a few questions and an evaluation seems too comprehensive? In this case a review could be an interesting option for you.
  • Do you have a lot of data and information from reports, studies, evaluations and other sources? Do you want this information to be analyzed, summarized and shared? A meta-analysis would be the right tool for this.
  • Do you want to know if „gender“ was integrated well enough in your interventions and strategic documents?
  • Have you heard about a „Peer Review Process“? Would yo like to know more about it?
  • Do you want to learn more about strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats in your projects, programmes or institution/organization? Then a SWOT-analysis will be the right method.

I offer to

Prepare a feasibility study whether or not the requirements for an impact analysis are actually fulfilled.

 Conduct an impact analysis which will provide you with information regarding changes in peoples’s lives and institutions of programmes which you have supported.

 Prepare and/or to conduct a review. A very focused review will provide you with essential information for decision making or for the development of new projects and programmes.

 Implement a meta-analysis in order to utilize existing information for an on-going project, programme or for their further developments.

 Prepare a gender assessment or a gender analysis which will address the different needs of women and men. With a good gender analysis you will be able to better consider different requirements and to present results in a gender-disaggregated manner.

 Advise you in peer reviews processes so that you can also apply or participate in this approach.

 Conduct a SWOT-analysis.

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