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Projekt Management


  • Do you currently plan a project, a programme, an intervention or do you support your partner organization in this process?
  • Do you want to develop a Theory of Change (ToC) and learn how it can be utilized?
  • Do you develop objectives, targets, results and indicators as well as short- and long-term impacts and have realized that this is easier said than done?
  • Do you already have a draft project or programme proposal and have noticed that there are too many objectives, targets, results impacts stated which do not yet correspond well with your results matrix (logframe matrix)?
  • Do you currently write proposals or assess them from other partners and the impacts are not yet comprehensible?
  • Do you need an impact analysis or an evaluation in future?

I offer to

Conduct Theory of Chance (ToC) workshops in order that objectives, results, impacts and underlying assumptions are well defined and measurable.

Develop information materials about Theory of Change which will help you to communicate its purpose, utilization and implementation.

 Analyze a planning document or proposal inlcuding the results matrix and revise it in order that objectives, results and impacts are more coherent.

 Conduct Project Management trainings so that you can plan and implement your projects and programmes more effectively.

Assess the evaluability at the beginning of projects and programmes (evaluability assessment), so that you will later have the required information about changes and impact.

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